You are making a huge investment if you are preparing to buy a concrete batching plant, and it’s natural to have a lot of questions in your mind. Here’s a complete guide to help you with all the information you need to have before making the purchase.

Clarity on Information

Before you buy a concrete batching plant, you need to be clear on information such as:

  • the right vendor who can supply you a plant that requires minimal space
  • preparations you need to be ready with before the batching plant arrives
  • how long it will take you to get the plant installed
  • how soon you can start production
  • how to transport a mobile concrete batch plant from one location to another
  • You can get answers to all your questions with a little research and consultation with experts. Do make sure you have * absolute clarity on these before you purchase the concrete batching plant.

Preparations Before Installation

You will have to make a few preparations before the installation begins:

  • a. Electrical and Water Connections

Consider getting the electrical and water connections in place before the installation of the concrete batching plant begins. You can get the fuse connections checked to see if they are adequate for the batching plant. In case you do not have a civil supply for power and water, you should consider getting an alternate source of energy and a buffer tank for water for the plant.

  • b. Laying the Foundation

The foundation is an integral part that you will have to prepare for the installation. Some concrete batching plants require low-lying foundations and take limited space. Others need elaborate structures. Depending on the kind of foundation your batching plant needs, you will have to start preparations accordingly.

  • #### c. Materials

If your objective is to start production at the earliest, you must procure all materials in the right quantity and keep ready.

  • d. Space

There should be adequate space for the construction of the plant. You must also factor in the area required to move large cranes and for the labour movement during the installation of the concrete batching plant.

How Long Does it Take to Install a Batching Plant?

The time taken for the installation of a concrete batching plant depends on several factors. Consider the manufacturing, transportation, installation, commissioning and production commencement together to arrive at a timeline.

Installation on Site

A key factor that decides the timeline is the place of installation of the plant. When a plant is installed at the factory, the timeline increases. The manufacturing time for a plant varies from six to sixteen working weeks. If you are purchasing a mobile concrete batch plant, then do not forget to mention the transport dimensions.

Pre-engineered Batching Plants

Factory-installed batching plants can be assembled and put to production in just 3-8 days.