Hubei Xinxiang - Application of NFLG Concrete Mixing Plant

Hubei Xinxiang Concrete Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Xinxiang), is a well-known concrete manufacturer in Wuhan; since 2003, Xinxiang has purchased a total of 12 concrete mixing plant production lines from NFLG, of which, 7 production lines are HZS120 engineering stations to serve the construction of Harbin-Dalian High-speed Rail Engineering, and 2 HZS120 concrete mixing plants, 1 HLS180 concrete mixing plant tower and 2 HZS180 concrete mixing plants are respectively distributed in Hanyang District and Hankou District of Wuhan, serving the construction of Harbin-Dalian High-speed Rail Engineering, with annual concrete output close to 1,800,000 cubic meters.


Wuhan, Hubei


Concrete Mixing Plant


July 13, 2003




Equipment Configuration

7 HZS120 Engineering Stations, 2 HZS120 Concrete Mixing Plants, 1 HLS180 Concrete Mixing Plant Tower And 2 HZS180 Concrete Mixing Plants

Equipment Description

Two HZS120 concrete mixing plants, as the first batch of equipment purchased by Hubei Xinxiang from NFLG in 2005, have been used for a decade. With proper maintenance and application by Xinxiang, such equipment has been operating in a normal state, and undertaking high-intensity productive tasks of daily average yield of 2,000 cubic meters for single line; such equipment have accumulatively produced concrete for more than 4,000,000 cubic meters, and continuously created wealth for Hubei Xinxiang. After ten-year cooperation with NFLG and use of equipment, Xinxiang believes that: NFLG has made individualized equipment design to cater to demands of various users, and constantly enhanced details to adapt to users' needs, and its equipment is stable, reliable and reassuring in overall performance. The equipment stability has guaranteed mixing plants to make production in a stable state, in particular to the circumstances of continuous construction. Secondly, we measure the concrete quality by the weighing accuracy; comprehensively speaking, no manufacturer could make the control accuracy within the controllable range as NFLG.

Details determine success or failure. In addition to the excellent overall performance, users have also heaped praise upon the design in equipment details. NFLG has subverted all past discharging ways in designing the sluice valve discharge hopper, shortened the discharging time, improved the overall efficiency of mixing plant, prevented the concrete at the discharge opening from splashing and leaking, and maintained the main plant tower to be clean and aesthetic.

The mixer is the core of equipment; as compared with ordinary mixer, the mixing efficiency of twin spiral mixer provided by NFLG has outstanding advantages, which has been verified by Xinxiang Concrete. Clients have arrived at such conclusion after use: Take C30 as contrast, strictly speaking, the twin spiral mixer could save at least 3-5 seconds in unilateral time than other one.

In respect of mixing technology, NFLG equipment adopts the mixing method of Stone Enveloped with Mortar; as shown by experimental data, on the premise of equal formula, such mixing method will effectively enhance the concrete strength and meanwhile prolong lifespan of quick-wear parts of mixer by 10%~30%.

When choosing such program for the method of Stone Enveloped with Mortar, clients made 7-day, 14-day and 28-day sampling tests adaptive to concrete; according to the experimental data, the concrete strength was somewhat increased, which formed the equal reduction of mix proportion to main materials, cementing materials and cements of concrete. Meanwhile, such method could greatly lower erosion of wear-resistant parts of mixing equipment.

The electrical control system of mixing equipment of NFLG has adopted duplex computer for synchronous control, integrated its self-developed special management software for concrete production and control, and realized full automatic control and data management of the concrete production process.

NFLG has been always on the way and never stopped its research and development of new technology; and the continuous R&D and trial production, in turn, has promoted its constant equipment improvement and upgrading. Engineers of NFLG have worked closely with clients and paid attention to details, thus designing humanized and practical products. For instance, in light of users' feedbacks, NFLG has carried out the technology upgrade to shaft end of mixer, and added new design of automatic pressure-discharge safety valve, which has greatly extended the service life shaft end and saved large equipment maintenance cost for users.

No automatic pressure-discharge safety valve was installed previously; therefore, at least a set of shaft end must be replaced a few years later. After upgrading, the lifespan of shaft end will be prolonged more than twice as before.

Xinxiang Concrete has undertaken considerable business and bill of quantities, and realized high output and 24-hour continuous operation in a long term, which has set high requirements on the overall equipment performance, and also fully arouse NFLG’s high-efficient production capacity. After verification of 12 devices for 10 years, NFLG has given perfect grades in this equipment testing.

Old people may still cherish high aspirations. In the next decade, Xinxiang will still be able to stand the test. Rather than an expectation, it is users' confidence in NFLG.