Tangshan Construction Group - Application of Environment-friendly NFLG Concrete Mixing Plant

Established in Feb., 1949, Tangshan Construction Group Co., Ltd. is the first and largest construction group established in Tangshan city, and the largest scale key advantageous enterprise of Hebei Province, which is awarded as the advanced unit of provincial level engineering construction quality management for years. From 2009 to 2013, the company achieved 22 items of province level outstanding engineering and 37 items of municipal engineering. It is rated as the advanced unit of provincial engineering construction quality management for multiple years Outstanding Engineering Award issued by National Construction Industrial Association in 2011; National Outstanding Engineering Award in Tangshan Grand Metropark Guofeng Hotel in 2012; and the top award of national construction industry for its block A of BOC square in Shijiazhuang --- Ruban Awards in 2013. Concrete Branch of Tangshan Construction Group Co., Ltd. was established in 1988, which is the one of the first and fully reinforced professional enterprise for pre-mixed commercial concrete construction. In 2005, Tangshan Construction purchased concrete mixing plant from NFLG for the first time, and it cooperated with NFLG again in 2011 for the construction of environment-friendly concrete mixing plant.


Wuhan, Hubei


Concrete Mixing Plant


July 13, 2005




Equipment Configuration

  1. 2HZS120 and HZS180 environment-friendly concrete mixing plant
  2. YCRP40 wet concrete recycling device
  3. Spraying and dust catcher of stockyard

Equipment Description

As a city of heavy industrial center, Tangshan has a serious environment problem due to the heavy haze in recently years, and the government is increasingly focus on the environment management, especially for the strict requirements on indexes on aspects of environment protection such as dust raise, noise, sewage and discharge, etc.

Stress-free for Environment Evaluation

As the pollution such as powder, and noise, etc. in the mixing plant is relatively serious previously, Tangshan city gives a higher requirement of higher environment protection indexes on the newly built mixing plant. Completed in 2011, the newly built concrete mixing plant can fully reach the highest national standard with the advantages of no powder, no noise, and zero emission. After 3 years utilization, it is as fresh as a brand new one, which is the evidence of its environment protection effect.

Beside covering the main mixing building and stockyard, the high performance pulse dust remover are equipped on all the dust-raising spots such as the belt conveyor in the warehouse, the connecting parts of horizontal and inclined belt, transition bin of main building, etc., the strong dedusting, dust suckling functions can effectively control the dust emission of mixing plant.

Pulse Dust Remover in Warehouse, Horizontal and Inclined Belts Connecting Part

Silo Top Pulse Dust Collector


Covering about 40 mu, the stockyard of the mixing station is equipped with aggregate spray system for the powder accumulated in the enclosed stockyard by NFLG, and the powder will be reduced by water mist spraying.

Water Spray in the Stockyard

In the preliminary phase of the construction of the station, NFLG take the function allocation of the site, reasonable planning of logistics and material flow, collection and utilization of rain, and the recycling and utilization of waste water and materials into consideration comprehensively to take advantage of every inch of land, save every drop of water, and save production cost for clients effectively, so as to satisfy the production demands in an easier way.

Car Washing Station

In the concrete production process, the waste concrete recycling system of NFLG will concentrate and treat the massive waste water and materials generated by device cleaning and site cleaning by separating and recycling the sand and slurry in the remained concrete, which will effectively avoid blocking the pipeline of slurry agitator, and clarify the slurry entered into the slurry agitator, to ensure the water quality for concrete production; on the other hand, the sand, after cleaning repeatedly by large volume main machine, will be recycled and adopted after stacking according to the category at the end by the vibrating screen, which will realize the complete circulation and utilization of sand, stone, and waste water, to realize a real zero emission.

Waste Concrete Recycling Equipment

Production with High Efficiency and Stability to Guarantee the Supply

Commercial concrete business, as its special characteristics, shall not be interrupted in the engineering construction process, which requires the continuity of concrete production of the mixing station. Tangshan Construction has 134 concrete delivery trucks, among which 110 trucks are mixer trucks, which is the evidence of the daily mixing amount of Tangshan Construction. NFLG has three concrete production lines, and its devices satisfy the massive amount of production mission of the mixing station on basis of its highly efficient production capacity and the stable and reliable quality, to guarantee the downstream supply. Mixing station of Tangshan Group can now produce 8000 to 10000 cubic meters. In October, 2014, the three stations produced about 240 thousand cubic meters, in only one month and NFLG mixing stations can reach the utilization requirements.


Accurate Measurement to Ensure Quality Safety of Concrete

The highly precise measurement system of NFLG will weigh the concrete, powder materials, additives, and sands without any difference and effectively guarantee the quality and safety of concrete. The concrete of high quality and strong supply capacity establish good reputation for Tangshan Construction, which will made it keep a foothold in the market with fierce competition.

Weighing Scale

Through the whole journey, Tangshan Construction and NFLG are more likely a pair of close “comrade in arms” fighting together, instead of a simple purchase relationship. NFLG provides Tangshan Construction with green, highly efficient, and stable fully environment-friendly concrete mixing devices and lays a foundation for the transformation and upgrading of green industry development of Tangshan Construction, to lead the green transformation of the commercial mixing industry.